Hunter of Her Heart


Hunter of Her Heart

Length: 05hrs 16mins 24 episodesCompleted
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To love a bad boy is to love the beast inside him …Bad boy Zane Wolfe has always been wild and reckless. Even though he’s hot for his high school sweetheart, he’s not planning on settling down anytime soon. Plus, he’s changing in strange ways … and he begins to wonder if there’s truth to the local folklore that claims his family is cursed to be werewolves.There’s never been a time when Candi Brooks didn’t have a serious weakness for Zane and his intense, dark sex appeal. She craves him. But after her life changes dramatically and Zane still won’t commit, Candi’s reached her limit. She can’t wait forever, so she’s taking her heart off the table before it gets broken.Danger begins stalking Candi, and Zane will do anything to protect her. But the person she might need the most protection from could be him.


  • Steamy Stories
  • badboy
  • goodgirl
  • dare to love and hate


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