Their Mafia Kitten


Their Mafia Kitten

Length: 11hrs 30mins 49 episodesCompleted
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Book 1: My best friend and his brother Book 2: Their Mafia Kitten Book 3: The professors mate If you have not read "My best friend and his brother," please read it before you start this book! This is the contunied love triangle of Cassidy, and her five boys. Cassidy is now the official Mafia queen of theirs, and they'll do anything and everything to protect their queen. Nobody dares to disrespect their queen. Or nobody lives to be able to do it anyway. -Book two-


  • murder
  • love-triangle
  • age gap
  • submissive
  • maffia
  • queen
  • bxg
  • childhood crush
  • friendship
  • crime
  • Romance


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