The Bride of the Moon


The Bride of the Moon

Length: 08hrs 27mins 34 episodesCompleted
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‘He is darkness and he is beautiful.’ Emma Noor was born during a total eclipse, which in her pack is believed to be a bad omen, a bad omen that would lead to her life being the family disgrace, the pack outcast and painfully rejected by her destined mate. At the age of eighteen, when the moon is at its highest, Emma decides to venture into the dangerous woods and pray to their creator for help. What answers her prayers is not what she expected, for the foretold Moon Goddess is actually a heavenly handsome God… and he wants her as his mate.


  • Paranormal
  • revenge
  • love-triangle
  • possessive
  • second chance
  • badboy
  • goodgirl
  • bxg
  • moon goddess
  • werewolves
  • rejected
  • weak to strong


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