The Duke And His Mate


The Duke And His Mate

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A curse. A sacrifice and a tryst to rebuild a legacy destroyed centuries ago.... "You cannot run away from her like that, your grace! She's your mate. If it's not her...then it's no one for you. Only she could save you from the darkness you keep yourself locked up in..." His dark eyes turned darker as he stared out at the cloudless sky. No matter how hard a fight he puts up, his heart was shattering inside into pieces that he had no strength left to pick back up. "She is a weak, fragile...human. That's what she is," He whispered. "The only thing I could do is destroy her...I cannot accept her and ruin her life further, sir," Even if it meant spending each day...dying in agony. __________________________ When twenty-one year old Emelisse Featherstone runs into her brother's best friend, the brooding, mysterious, sculpted to perfection and newly crowned duke Maxwell Hurst, little did she know that in her quest to find the perfect husband, her life would turn into perfect tragedy. Because she fell in love with a man who was not only emotionally shut but also had secrets that one could never fathom in their wildest dream. Secrets that could ruin both their lives for good. Maxwell never wanted his new found title or his new found, inexplicable feelings towards the beautiful, blue-eyed girl who happens to be his best friend's sister... But what about the inescapable pull he felt towards her? What about the intangible bond that was tying him to her? Was he strong enough to fight off the only woman who was meant for him and watch while someone else stakes his claim? Destined to be the one for him, will Emelisse and Maxwell find a way for themselves under circumstances beyond their imagination and control? A legacy, a curse, and an incurable thirst for revenge...how long could Maxwell fight his own mate before destiny intervenes? Come find out in this steamy, thrilling Regency paranormal romance like never seen before. Not your usual werewolf story ;)


  • Paranormal
  • sex
  • drama
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • regency
  • secrets
  • supernatural
  • tortured


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