Tyrant Mafia’s Purchased Wife


Tyrant Mafia’s Purchased Wife

Length: 18hrs 38mins 92 episodesCompleted
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Mafia Romance Series “People says, No one can buy love with Money.. But, what if you need to buy your love to keep it treasured and safe from this cruel filthy world..??” “Well, News flash Marcus, I’m not yours! You don’t own me,” Cassandra said while battling their eyes.. He dangerously closed their distance and said coldly, “That’s where you’re wrong, YOU ARE MINE..ONLY MINE..” He said each word out angrily. “Even this...” he grabs her hot wet vagina, “...is also mine..” with that, he pulls her into a deep hungry kiss. *********** Cassandra Welsworth, a 21-year-old broken soul who was sold off to an auction by her own father at the age of 16... In her life, she was just like an old thrown garbage to everyone but not to one Pacific person who vowed to keep her safe even if it takes his life! Marcus Knight, a 29-years-old most Ruthless Mafia Lord who rules the whole Underworld on the tip of his finger.. Everyone Fears him while every girls wants to get into his bed, but he only vowed to love one girl in his life.. To whom he devoted his life..His mate.. His destiny.. His love.. Both belong from two different worlds in the same universe.. One is broken, Destroyed, Traumatised and the other one is a Ruthless, Cruel and a Devil.. They should never cross their path, but maybe destiny has some other plan for them..!!! When the dark secrets of their lives will start to reopen, will things remain the same as before? Or will it make their lives a living hell???


  • billionaire
  • revenge
  • contract marriage
  • dominant
  • maffia
  • twisted
  • mystery
  • first love
  • passionate
  • Romance


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