Billionaire Wildflower


Billionaire Wildflower

Length: 03hrs 34mins 23 episodesCompleted
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Bethenny Bank's is a hard working woman that only wanted to settle down, get married and have kids but her boyfriend of two years decided to call it quits for no reason. Leaving her shocked with doubt and hate, eating her alive. Alexander Sago is a panty wetter, s*x on wheel's, tatted up billionaire. Who's appearance screamed WARNING!! HANDLE WITH CARE!! oh yea, and his apart of mafia. He's your one night stand kinda man that leaves woman coming back for more, but what happens when he sees his high school love Bethenny again? You'll have to read and find out. "Never thought I'd see you again Betha. Damn, you look shitty." He said while laughing.


  • billionaire
  • opposites attract
  • second chance
  • playboy
  • submissive
  • badboy
  • gangster
  • bxg
  • childhood crush
  • maffia
  • Romance


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