Dragon's Blood


Dragon's Blood

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“And who said you could leave,” His gruff voice sent a delicious chill up my spine. My breath came in short huffs as he leaned in closer to me using his forearm to pin me and keep the door shut. “Little mate.” He was beautiful in a soft way that I wasn’t familiar with. His cheekbones were high, his jaw angular, his nose straight and unbroken his skin was pale. Silver hair, still damped from the snow, curled around his brow and I itched to run my hands through it. My gaze flickered to his dark hungry eyes and an emotion flashed through them before he growled a low guttural sound coming from the back of his throat. “Well?” I flinched. Coming out of whatever trance I was in I suddenly remembered why I’d been so ready to get as far away from the man in front of me. A fire flourished in my chest and filled my ve. Glaring at him through my long lashes I shoved at his chest harshly, hating his Lycan genes when he didn’t even move an inch. Still, I shoved him again. He rolled his eyes at my effort to get him to budge and, if anything, just moved closer. “I’m leaving,” I growled at him. “Get out of my way.” “No.”


  • Fantasy
  • second chance
  • pregnant
  • kickass heroine
  • warrior
  • royalty/noble
  • luna
  • queen


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