I've been looking for a savior


I've been looking for a savior

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She was the best of the best or that’s what she thought she was. Alexandra Lenaolars was the Heir to the Lenaolars Dynasty. Working hard to be on top of her game. This was her only way to remain important and noticed by her father, Mr. Tyler S. Lenaolars. One thing for sure was that Alexandra was no mess up but she became one when she met her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Just so you know it’s the alcohol talking…so no offence.” Hurt registers on Amber’s face before shoving Alexandra’s upper body down the bed, “Just so you know it’s the alcohol in me too… no offence.” Amber moves swiftly placing her lips on Alexandra’s. Her movement soft and indecisive yet it is enough to blow both their worlds into oblivion. Amber moves her head back and her eyes still tightly shut. In all honesty she did not know what to expect next from Alexandra, maybe being roughly shoved into the floor. Land on her butt with embarrassment. Alexandra wasn’t the warmest person when it came to her. Maybe she’d give her a total beat down but wait this was a dare. They had to kiss right? “You shouldn’t have,” Alexandra’s voice cuts through the heavy silence like a hot knife cutting through butter. Amber’s eyes gradually open and she stares directly into those intense green orbs and she could muster was silence her dread filled gaze telling an entirely different story.


  • LGBT+
  • kidnap
  • opposites attract
  • arrogant
  • student
  • gangster
  • drama
  • sweet
  • gxg


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