Hollow Mate: The Roma Academy


Hollow Mate: The Roma Academy

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-Tinsley's POV- Leon and I continue to eat in the cafeteria but at some point, I look up and see Cole walking into the room. His eyes roam the place until they settle on me. He smiles and then starts heading our way. I am now super nervous because this guy is spontaneous. Cole takes a chair in front of me and gets comfortable. "Hey Tin." He gives me a big smile. "Tin?" Leon asks. I narrow my eyes at Cole and I am sure he knows why. He didn't let me get a word in when he kissed my cheek last time and bolted. He smiles knowing exactly what I am thinking. "Oh come on sweet thing. It was just one kiss." He says. "One... kiss?" Leon repeats. I take my fork and point it at him. "You have no permission to do anything like that again... unless I give it to you." He chuckles. "Okay fine. I apologize. But honestly, it's not something I do often to girls I just met. I just... really like you." I lower my fork and start eating because I don't know how to respond to that. But my face does. I feel it heat up. “He kissed you?” Leon asks. And for some reason, I feel like I should be careful because he sounds a bit pissed. “On the cheek.” I say trying to make light of all of it and it really was a light thing. My thoughts stop when Leon is quiet and I feel him scoot closer. Suddenly, his arm goes behind me, over my shoulder but he doesn't touch me. His arm rests on my chair. I feel so small next to him. The guy is so much bigger than me, I feel like I could use him as a blanket. Cole is no different. Cole shifts in his chair in a way that he suddenly looks bigger. (Is he flexing?) He looks at Leon and Leon stares daggers at him. Cole then looks at me with eyes that clearly say "I want you" and I am not sure if it is to get a reaction out of Leon or me. But it's working. I swallow feeling the tensions. The sexual tension between all of us and the angry tension between both of them. Cole then lifts his bottle of water to his lips and while he looks at me, he takes a sip and then winks. My eyes go to Leon's other hand on his lap that starts to turn into a fist. I abruptly get up. "Gotta go. Have stuff to do!" Without looking at them, I take my stuff and leave. (You got to be shitting me. Is this really happening? Two hot guys interested in me?!)


  • Fantasy
  • mate
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • werewolves
  • campus
  • city
  • self discover
  • supernatural
  • school


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