A Love To Die For


A Love To Die For

Length: 15hrs 10mins 63 episodesCompleted
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When tragedy hits Nina's family, she finds herself in a world unknown to herself. Feeling alone and hurt by her friends and family, Nina leaves the only home she has ever known to find a new beginning. As Nina struggles to get on her feet in the city of New Orleans, she begins to question her decision to run away. However, when she gets a job and makes a friend, Nina begins to feel more at home. Bumping into a stranger ends up changing the trajectory of Nina's life. Troy is a mystery to Nina, someone that she just can't seem to forget. After falling for Troy, Nina learns that there's a lot more to this world than she ever imagined. Nina will be facked to choose between her head, her heart and fate as she navigates life as an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world.


  • Fantasy
  • brave
  • self-improved
  • drama
  • werewolves
  • vampire
  • city
  • cheating
  • self discover


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