Her Royal Ties (Book 2)


Her Royal Ties (Book 2)

Length: 19hrs 42mins 79 episodesCompleted
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Book Two - Sequel to Best Friends & Soul Mates Your favorite couple Trio is back Twenty-Five years later, and their bonds are stronger than ever. After the challenge faked by Duke Mohammed and Princess Crystal, the Duke and Duchess returns to Morocco to temporarily sit on the throne. As agreed in the Familial Blood Oath, Princess Luna Crystal and Princess Luna Lady Mia are sent their monthly allowances that they are royally entitled to. Until a deadly plague sweeps through the land and King Duke Mohammed is affected. The death of King Duke Mohammed forces Princess Luna Crystal to make a decision. Will she stay in Morocco and finally take the throne? Or will she return to Silver Moon? Follow Princess Luna Crystal’s journey and the hard decision she has to make to fulfill Her Royal Ties!


  • shifter
  • powerful
  • queen
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • royal
  • friendship
  • supernatural
  • Romance


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