Falling for My Playboy Boss


Falling for My Playboy Boss

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Cora Bowers is a bookworm, that just graduated with an MBA from Harvard. She is a really smart girl, with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She needs a job quickly to be able to help her parents pay the bills. She goes in for an interview for a job that she really needs, and while she is waiting to do her interview, she gets hired for another position, as a Personal Assistant for one of the hottest bachelors in New York. Collin Lauder works hard, and he doesn't have time for normal relationships. He dates models and actresses, and he doesn't want a real relationship anyway. To Colin, Cora is just a plain jane that never wears makeup and always has her hair in a bun. She dresses badly, as he clothes are not nice enough, and to him, that makes him look bad. She is a direct reflection on him and his company, and she isn't making a good impression. He wants her to quit and leave the job to the PA who has done it for the last 40-plus years. Cora makes a deal with an up-and-coming designer, she will model for him, and he will let her keep the outfits that he makes especially for her. As Cora's appearance and clothing start to improve, so does Collin's impression of Cora. He wants to get with her eventually, but first, he wants to try out the new "it girl" on the modeling scene. And what will happen when Collin finally figures out that the gorgeous new model "Shea" is actually Cora, modeling under her middle name?


  • billionaire
  • playboy
  • arrogant
  • goodgirl
  • CEO
  • offifice/work place
  • gorgeous
  • naive
  • Romance


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