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Falling in love with Gil was never Sophie's plan, but the French mountain air, the grumpiest llama ever and her boyfriend's loving—if liberated— family might just change her mind. Sophie Smith—actress, influencer, in a close personal relationship with her blender— finds herself on a French mountain with a grumpy llama, a boyfriend with a bad case of commitment phobia and his sexually liberated parents. In between getting chased around the farm by angry goats, dealing with his beautiful ex-girlfriend and fending off a Frenchman, she's also having an existential crisis. All she needs to do is get her boyfriend to stop quivering in fear at the L word, teach that llama to snuggle and work out what she actually wants to do with her life, then everything will be fine. Right?


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • love-triangle
  • actress


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