Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence


Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

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Congratulations on finding this visionary and transformative book! Dr. Gary Schwartz is a remarkable professor, scientific researcher, author, and lecturer who deeply loves people, nature, and our planet. His commitment to following the data—wherever they may lead—and being open to new ideas and hypotheses, are prerequisites for a serious scientist.His unique attributes stem from his:1. early upbringing inspired by his well-educated and loving parents2. two near-death experiences at an early age3. insatiable curiosity about why and how things work (how many five-year-olds disassemble a TV antenna, perform a set of experiments, and replicate them?)4. stellar education at Cornell and Harvard Universities5. professorships over the last 50 years at Harvard, Yale, and The University of Arizona6. perseverance and putting in extremely long hours of mind-numbing focus7. sense of wonder about almost everything8. unique combination of genius, love, and caringDr. Schwartz has conducted pioneering research in multiple areas that have positively impacted many people around the world. He has greatly contributed to the fields of health psychology, psychophysiology, and behavioral medicine. However, as discussed in this book, those are dwarfed by his work in the fields of survival of consciousness and bridging science and spirituality. He shares comforting and inspiring news that can now be made responsibly and accurately for the first time in human history. Following the logic and methods in this book will help you trust the extraordinary data that support this great news.Be assured that Dr. Schwartz’s remarkable statements are based on replicated, controlled, double-blinded, randomized order, and multicentered scientific research at a leading university. Further, papers on these findings have been published in or submitted to peer-reviewed scientific journals.But setting the stage for what promises to be the best news you have ever heard is just one reason why this book is so important. It also highlights the universal importance of truth seeking and how you can discern between valid and false claims.Gary’s love, caring, and firm commitment to making a difference are truly impressive. As you’ll hear, improving your life and our world is a major theme in this book. It’s as though he sees life as it is and says, “Not on my watch! We can do better than this.”Every aspect of your life, and that of your loved ones, can improve as you learn to accurately evaluate claims. This book provides practical tools so you can evaluate what is most probably true based on the totality of evidence. An invaluable net effect can occur as more people use the methods Dr. Schwartz provides and benefit from his extraordinary accomplishments.


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