Embracing True Prosperity


Embracing True Prosperity

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Ninety audio minutes with three guided visualizations that give hope and tools to achieve real dreams. This is an effective and practical approach for listeners who are ready to set meaningful goals in work, life, creativity, and matters of Spirit.A Guide to the Journey 8:10Preparation for stepping into your desired future.Stepping into Prosperity 31.12“Prosperity is the experience of having everything you want and need in life, material and otherwise.” In this relaxing guided visualization into a desired future, listeners are guided to imagine improvements in home, health, work, creativity, and relationships. More than mere images, practical steps will support you to take action to make them come true.Meeting Your Personal Genie 16.45A playful way to learn to ask for what you want, personally and financially.Stepping Out of the Money Shadow 25.40You will be safely encouraged to explore places you may be stuck in your relationship to finances. Financial codependency, along with the fear of success, are named and addressed. This is a practical review of where you are in your relationship to money, and where you want to improve managing your finances. It invites the wisdom of your Future Self to increase confidence in your relationship with Prosperity.


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