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Divine Genius

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Discover your authentic Self and reveal your Divine Genius.Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve guides the listener through the author’s lifechanging experiences in the jungles of Peru and imparts the wisdom he gained from his journey. As this story unfolds, Adam C. Hall vividly recounts many of his personal struggles—from childhood to adulthood, in relationships and in business—that underscore the insights he shares.This book explores the process to discover the true nature of one’s own reality, and offers Thirteen Wisdom Teachings communicated to the author by an ascended master. Through these Thirteen Wisdom Teachings, Hall provides the tools you need to unlearn the ego’s fear-based thinking, reveal your authentic Self, and discover your Truth.Formerly a CEO, serial entrepreneur, and real estate developer, Adam C. Hall is now a committed researcher of the mind and consciousness, trained shaman, and teacher of A Course in Miracles. As a board member of the EarthKeeper Alliance, he is dedicated to conserving the planet, its land, and its animals, for ourselves and future generations.


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