In Spite Of…


In Spite Of…

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If you are ready to create the life you desire without emotional baggage weighing you down, this book is for you!In spite of your achievements in life, do you remain curiously and even frustratingly unfulfilled? In spite of your efforts to create the life of your dreams, do you feel that love, youthful exuberance, and happiness remain devastatingly elusive? If you can relate to these obstacles, you are not alone.Whether you are a Baby Boomer or the child or grandchild of one, there is a good chance the beliefs you have about yourself were unknowingly shaped by what #1 Amazon bestselling author Joanie Marx calls the Seven Myths of Love & Happiness. By revealing these myths and breaking the rules that enforced them, In Spite Of … delivers eye-opening insights and inspiring true stories for overcoming your life’s biggest obstacles.From learning how to unpack your emotional baggage to unlocking the power of your true self, this book will show you that doors of opportunity can be opened at any time and at any age when you Refocus & Renew Your Life®.


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