3x Your Memory in One Hour


3x Your Memory in One Hour

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It’s time to awaken your natural photographic memory!The Farrow Method will unlock your mind’s full potential with powerful techniques created by Guinness World Record–holder Dave Farrow. Cure poor focus, breeze through studying, and never forget a name again with this important tool that will enrich your life forever.Dave Farrow is a Guinness World Record holder, author, public speaker, and successful businessman. He knows what it takes to be the best. Now you will, too! He was diagnosed with two learning challenges in high school. Dave set out to defy these labels and began a lifelong quest to master the human mind. In 1996, he achieved worldwide recognition by breaking the record for memorizing and correctly recalling 52 shuffled decks of cards in order. He then went on to break his own record in 2007 by memorizing and recalling 59 shuffled decks after seeing each card just once.Dave continues to inspire others by teaching his powerful memory techniques to millions of people through his more than 2,000 radio and TV appearances and through his programs. He has been featured on the Dr. Oz shows, Live! with Regis and Kelly, WGN, the CW, NBC, ABC, CBS, CTV, BBC, CBC, CNN, Science Channel, Discovery Channel, Fox News, Shopping Channel, QVC, and The Today Show, making him today’s most requested guest export in the media.


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