Learn to Relax


Learn to Relax

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This audiobook contains Everyday Relaxations, Relaxations for Stress, and Gentle Movement for Relaxation.Everyday Relaxations contains seven different easy to follow short guided relaxation sessions to fit easily into your day. Relaxations for Stress contains five different guided relaxation sessions to help relax body and mind and maintain healthy levels of stress and Gentle Movement for Relaxation induces a state of deep relaxation through a series of very gentle floor-based movements.These audios provide a natural solution to help balance stress levels, they are easy to follow and teach valuable techniques that can be drawn on whenever you feel stressed or anxious.The sessions can be followed one a day, in any order to bring the numerous benefits of regular relaxation into your life.This audio class has been devised and narrated by leading yoga, relaxation, and meditation teacher Sue Fuller. Sue has been teaching yoga since 1995, she is the creator of the Yoga 2 Hear range of audio yoga classes, and she is a course author for the BSY and a regular columnist for Natural Health (UK).


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