Love Strong


Love Strong

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Relationship coach Denna Babul is here to tell women the real truth: you have to change your narrative to change your life.The search for love is a booming business in the United States. There is speed dating, matchmaking, online dating, and every other modality under the sun to help women find love. However, finding love is not the issue. Finding the right love and sustaining it is where the difficulty lies.More than any other time in history, women are facing their problems head-on. They want it all—the white picket fence, the career, the love of their lives, and two adorable children to wrap it all up in a well-deserved bow. When love evades them over and over again, they want to know why.In her experience as a relationship coach, Denna Babul sees women start to panic, looking for answers when they feel their dreams begin to lose shape while everyone else’s lives are coming together. If this sounds familiar, then Denna’s proven methodology and quick wit will transform the way you approach love. Her candid and wildly proven process will educate women with relationship dilemmas on how to move on from the wrong guy, stop wasting time trying to figure out what happened, and get back to looking within themselves for the real answers.


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