Miserably Successful No More


Miserably Successful No More

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Why is there a global epidemic of the “miserably successful?”In Miserably Successful No More, power leader and author Debjani Mukherjee Biswas shares how individuals can harness authentic power and emotional intelligence by understanding their unique styles. By using an engineering mindset of data harvesting and pattern recognition to identify keys to stress reduction, you’ll be well on your way to an easier work life.You’ll learn:Key sources of stress, including time, ego, surroundings, and substanceMISERY: materialism, incongruence, stress, emptiness, relationships, and the “Yeti” of negative self-talkWhat your communication style is and how to use it wellHow to examine your purposePractical, powerful solutions And more!Together, using informal ways to process information customized to our specific style and personality, we can learn to be miserably successful no more.


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