Battling the Big Three


Battling the Big Three

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Have you ever felt like you are teetering on the brink of greatness, but something is holding you back? Maybe it seems like there are two versions of yourself—that confident go-getter you keep locked up inside, and the cautious doormat who plays it safe in every circumstance all day, every day. The key to realizing your goals is so easy to see but always seems just out of reach. In reality, there are no tethers stopping you from living the ideal life that you know is within you. It’s just a matter of finding the right approach.The help you need to find bedrock confidence and master your day-to-day world is completely attainable. In fact, the best possible news is that this help is right here in your hands. With Battling the Big Three you will find strategies, refined through years of proven experience, to overcome stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Greet life with confidence and a renewed sense of self by investing just a few minutes each day in yourself.Master your mindset and shift your life into overdrive by discovering these simple tricks to eliminate stress, stop negative thinking, and build unstoppable self-confidence. Topics covered in this must-have multi-part audio series:1. The Self-Confidence Handbook by Dan Johnston2. Self-Confidence Secrets by Dan Johnston3. 7 Weeks to Unstoppable Self-Esteem by Dan Johnston4. The Ultimate Method for Dealing with Stress by Doc Orman MD5. Stress Relief Wisdom by Doc Orman, MD 6. The Irritability Cure by Doc Orman, MD7. Stop Negative Thinking by Doc Orman, MD8. The Choice Of Paradox by Doc Orman, MD9. The Art of True Forgiveness by Doc Orman, MD10. Authentic Confidence by Dawn Jones and Cara Lane11. Personal Confidence Hypnosis System by Liv Montgomery


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