The Target


The Target

Length: 20hrs 48mins 92 episodesCompleted
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In a world where werewolves are discreetly placed to protect those who really need it. Sandra Joel, a 29 year old secret agent, is sent to go undercover to protect Martha Pillow, a mother to 38 months old baby girl Leslie and wife to Robert Pillow. Not sure who to trust, Sandra gets closer to her target to try and see who her enemies are... only to get tied up in an entanglement when feelings get involved. Can she save the woman she's in love with from someone even closer to her than she is? But worse, can Martha accept Sandra for what she is... A Werewolf?


  • LGBT+
  • spy/agent
  • love-triangle
  • friends to lovers
  • dominant
  • confident
  • billionairess
  • drama
  • gxg
  • werewolves
  • city


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