The Thunder Wolves MC - Stone (Book #7)


The Thunder Wolves MC - Stone (Book #7)

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Fallowing him up the stairs and into his little apartment, I hesitated as I walked through the door. Stopping a few feet inside the darkroom. I had been up here before when Gears lived in this very apartment and knew there weren’t many options when it came to how to set the space up. So I wasn’t at all surprised he had things set up almost exactly the same as Gears had had it. No, I hesitated because the room was pitch black, and I couldn’t see anything at first. As my eyes adjusted, the door behind me closed. Turning, I found him standing only inches away. His cut was already removed and placed over the back of one of the chairs nearby. Both of us moving at the same time. We closed the small distance between us, our mouths finding each other. Pushing him back, I went to pin him to the door as I took advantage of him, but he was faster than I was. Flipping us around and pushing my back against the very door I aimed to have his back to. His body pressed against mine, his excitement clear. Both of us moaning at the same time as our bodies pressed closer together, and we could both feel each other’s excitement pressing into each other. Begging to be free of the clothes that separated us.


  • second chance
  • badboy
  • confident
  • drama
  • bxb
  • biker
  • nerd
  • small town
  • Romance


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