Madness [MxM] - Completed


Madness [MxM] - Completed

Length: 07hrs 33mins 41 episodesCompleted
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Warning: Mature Content (1 8 +) Crysler Lopez was sure of his identity until he met his new boss, Dark Montenegro. The moment that his eyes landed on his boss on his first day of work as his secretary, his life turned to 360 degrees. The strong attraction that pulls him to look at him was hard to control that he becomes restless every night. He shouldn’t feel this strong attraction towards him. It is not right! They are both men and he got a loving girlfriend. The mere thought that he was attracted to men made him hate himself. For having that kind of feeling is unacceptable. He needs to stop. He was trying to suppress the strong feeling between them until the moment his boss touched him the way he had never been touched before. It was so strong that he can’t even compare it when he does it with a woman. Even with his girlfriend. And that scared the hell out of him. He was having a hard time accepting his new find identity. The struggle that he’s been through while keeping everything to himself was never easy. He was losing his sanity. Madness engulfs him. Madness! It’s madness! And they need to stop because it is so wrong. He can’t like a man. He just can’t. But how can they stop the madness if when they touch everything feels so right? How can they stop the madness if when they become one it feels that they are complete? The fire coming from Dark burned him, making his reasoning dark like his name and just succumb to what their carnal needs. Is it really just carnal needs? Or is it possible that love will emerge?


  • LGBT+
  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • boss
  • bxb
  • offifice/work place
  • mxm
  • colleagues to lovers
  • seductive


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