The Reality, Emily's Story (Paddock Passion Series Book 2)


The Reality, Emily's Story (Paddock Passion Series Book 2)

Length: 08hrs 37mins 45 episodesCompleted
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After the tragic events three years ago that led to her husbands death, Emily finds herself having to cope on her own, as a single parent, everything she had lived for has now all but gone, apart from her friendship with her best friend. Nightmares plague her sleep, whilst juggling bringing up a toddler, on her own, and battling her depression. Emily finds it increasingly difficult to cope, until one night she finds someone who chases the nightmares away, the only problem, he is her best friends brother.


  • second chance
  • friends to lovers
  • single mother
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • bxg
  • biker
  • realistic earth
  • lonely
  • widow
  • Romance


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