The Nanny


The Nanny

Length: 06hrs 19mins 32 episodesCompleted
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Have you ever wondered why? Why does something happen to you at that given moment? Why are you at a specific place at a specific time? Why is there evil in this world? Why, why, why? I ask myself that question over and over again. Why? Why me? *** Delia Johnson continuously asks herself why she is in such a mess. The death of her mother left her with a little brother to take care of and a drunken father. She had an easy childhood, but her late teenage years were not something you’d ever want to experience. When Delia loses her job, she has nowhere to go and nobody to call. It seems like all hope is lost, at least for her. Where will a twenty-one-year-old girl, with no degree and no work experience, except for her short time as a waitress, find a job within a months’ time? Is it luck that Delia finds a job as a nanny or is it just life’s way to punish her for the mistakes she has made?


  • goodgirl
  • maid
  • bxg
  • Romance


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