The Thunder Wolves MC - Lizzy (Book #5)


The Thunder Wolves MC - Lizzy (Book #5)

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My voice wasn’t more than a pleading whisper but it was all he needed. He went to work pulling my boots off me then my jeans. Leaving me in only the matching lace panties for the bra I had been wearing. At the sight of them, his eyes darkened and his mouth was back on my body, driving me crazy. As his mouth moved over me his fingers hooked in my panties and pulled them down my legs *****Trigger warning. This book contains mental and physical abuse and abduction. ***If you haven't already read The Thunder Wolves MC -Jaylee, The Thunder Wolves MC - Blair, The Thunder Wolves MC -Clara, or The Thunder Wolves MC -Sophia I recommend reading those four first. If you have read the others I hope you enjoy this one as much as you did the others. Thank you. :)


  • badboy
  • goodgirl
  • student
  • drama
  • bxg
  • biker
  • small town
  • abuse
  • love at the first sight
  • gorgeous
  • Romance


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