The Construction of Cheer (Shiloh Ridge Ranch in Three Rivers Romance Book 3)


The Construction of Cheer (Shiloh Ridge Ranch in Three Rivers Romance Book 3)

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She's been going ranch-to-ranch looking for work. He's just finished most of the construction at Shiloh Ridge. Bishop hires Montana anyway, because she's the beautiful blonde he's attracted to, and she's worked with the best woodworker in the state for years. Can they navigate the construction around the ranch and inside their own lives to find their happily-ever-after for the holidays? Bishop Glover is the youngest brother, and he usually keeps his head down and gets his work done. He learned construction from his dad in the wood shop at Shiloh Ridge, and he's just finished a cabin renovation when he learns the house where some of his brothers live is infested with termites. The cowboy cabins up the road are full of mold too. So he hires Montana Martin when she knocks on his door, asking if he needs any help. Sure, she's gorgeous with all that blonde hair that pulls hard on Bishop's heart, but she's got plenty of talent too. Montana has started her own home design company, but as luck would have it, so has someone else in town, and Micah Walker has more money and more influence than she does. His business took off while hers whimpers in the shadows and leaves her going ranch to ranch, asking for work. She'll do whatever she has to do to make ends meet so she can support herself and her fourteen-year-old daughter. They'e already living with her aunt and uncle, but when Bishop agrees to her high daily rate, Montana starts to believe she'll finally get a place of her own. But Montana holds darkness in her heart, including hard feelings for her family, her ex-husband, and even the Walkers. As she and Bishop work together, they have to deal with family secrets, her dating teenager, and the pain they both have in their pasts. Will the construction in their personal lives bring them together this Christmas? Or will it only drive a wedge between them?


  • second chance
  • friends to lovers
  • goodgirl
  • single mother
  • small town
  • Romance


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