Bound To You


Bound To You

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When he received, his terminal illness diagnosis, Jess Ruiz, could finally let go of everything. He dumped his long time jerk boyfriend, he get back at his asshole colleagues, and finally resigned from the hell hole he called work. He also did the things he didn't dared to do before. He traveled, stayed in a luxurious house, enjoyed a feast and paid an escort to pretend as his boyfriend for a month. After all what's most important, especially now, is his own happiness... But when he laid down awaiting for his death, the doctor apologetically told him, "I'm so sorry, it seems that there's some mistake. We misdiagnosed you." Jess felt faint. But he did another checkup and thought, he did feel unwell recently though? The doctor looked grim. Jess heart skipped a beat. "Don't tell me it wasn't a misdiagnosis after all. Am I actually sick?" "You do not have a terminal illness, but you are... You are pregnant." Ummm.... Last time he checked he's still a guy, so how's that possible?? Jess can't help it, he really fainted this time. A year later, the child's father, that young, energetic and handsome man that he paid as an escort, is actually a 26-year-old billionaire, Jacob Maserati. He suddenly appeared in front of him, handed out a marriage certificate already signed by him and exclaimed. "I'll take responsibility. Let's get married." But Jacob has a secret. A life changing secret that will test Jess feelings and everything he knows as truth.


  • LGBT+
  • billionaire
  • second chance
  • pregnant
  • drama
  • bxb
  • mxm


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