Broken by the Mafia


Broken by the Mafia

Length: 16hrs 15mins 83 episodesCompleted
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Zoey is a married woman who lost her child and her memory in a mafia attack. Not only that, but she's also hunted by another girls past. She keeps having nightmares about that girl and for that her husband has started growing irritated of her. She tries her best to fix her mental breakdowns as she is desperate to have a child, but she couldn't. According to her, it's all happening because of that Mafia leader who attacked her. She tries her best to keep her husband happy, and one day she founds an opportunity to help her husband. Her husband was having some troubles with a guy named Noah James Parker. So she thought to go to that guy and solve their problems. What will happen when she finds out Noah is the same guy she dreams of? What will happen when she finds out who the girl is, whom she sees in her reflection? And what will happen when she finds out the reason behind her nightmares? What secrets are hidden in her life that she still doesn't know? To know the answers, join the journey of a broken girl… ___________________ (This story is the sequel of “Broken by the Bully”. So, to understand it better, I would suggest my readers to read the first book.)


  • billionaire
  • kickass heroine
  • maffia
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • single daddy
  • city
  • secrets
  • multiple personality
  • wife
  • Romance


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