Hold Onto Me


Hold Onto Me

Length: 20hrs 33mins 64 episodesCompleted
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The cruel hand of fate paid them a visit. Nipping their blossoming relationship before it could even take flight. Karey and Rain are separated by forces far greater than their own love. Their love tie is cut short by an accident that almost claims their lives. In the wake of the terrible accident healing follows. Though Karey and Rain overcome their physical injuries their wounds run deep. Un-healing. Karey struggles to live, the ‘death’ of Rain engraved in her soul. Bearing the guilt whilst struggling to maintain her own sanity. Every waking dawn is plagued with her last memory of Rain and Karey wishes she’d done more to protect her love. To Rain, love is dead. If not, a smoke screen intended to derail people from their mundane life. A sick joke purposed to mock her till the end of her cursed life. Rain goes through life on autopilot, terrorized by the blunt betrayal from Karey. The woman she’d given her all to, her one true love. Rain's mind is focused and she works beside her brother avoiding everything emotional or tying. Her life is on track until she goes down memory lane with friends. The reunion she'd been hoping for turning sore. Karey finds her heart, again, and this time she's hellbent on not letting Rain go. Rain’s high walls crumble at Karey's love and the twins don't make it easy, their cute faces pulling at Rain's heart and resolve.


  • LGBT+
  • possessive
  • family
  • love after marriage
  • second chance
  • submissive
  • self-improved
  • drama
  • comedy
  • gxg
  • lonely


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