The Gamma's Hybrid Mate


The Gamma's Hybrid Mate

Length: 17hrs 45mins 117 episodesCompleted
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Charlie McKay is Gamma to the most powerful Werewolf pack in the US. He is one of the toughest fighters in the pack, second only to the Beta. He is respected by his peers and is every she wolfs walking fantasy, but pack relationships get messy and Charlie doesn’t want the drama. He keeps himself ‘off limits’ Then Alex appears and Charlie’s plans to stay single are shot to pieces - she is his fated mate. To make matters worse she is a human being who clearly has no clue about the world in which he is from. But Charlie just can’t stay away from her, the more he tries the worse it gets until he’s ready to fall on his knees to confess all. But they are from two completely different worlds, and at first Alex is frightened of what he is. Can Charlie prove to her that his love know no bounds even if they are from different species, and can Alex learn to accept him for what he is. Will they realise what they mean to each other before an outside force threatens to keep them apart for ever?


  • drama
  • comedy
  • sweet
  • spiritual
  • Romance


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