CEO's Unwanted Bride


CEO's Unwanted Bride

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She is not ready to forgive him and he is not ready to accept her. But fate has tied them together to endure this. Matteo has a terrible past because of which he has lost his trust in relationships and family. His heart has turned stoned and can not feel. Never. Anna is betrayed by her first love and broken till there is no repair. She doesn't trust any man enough after that incident to give herself. That's why she is a virgin. They are both different , belong to different worlds and poles apart. She is beautiful ,sophisticated and rich, but broken inside. He is rich, successful and a handsome playboy, but he is also broken. Last thing is, he wants to settle down with a good girl. She believes in marriage and wants a secure future with someone who loves her. He is a player who doesn't want a relationship and is always looking for fun. He is her brother's best friend. He is her first crush. But he is her first heartbreak too. She runs away from the pain of seeing him with another woman every day. She is back with a handsome and rich fiance. He is jealous. He doesn't want her, but he can't see her in another man's arms. She hates him for playing with her feelings. She doesn't want him but can't resist the things he is doing to her. He is not the right man for her. She is too good for him. She is unaware that she is in great danger and is the next target for someone's revenge. He will do anything to save her as he has been doing so far, saving her from all evil, even from the demon inside him. A lot of action, suspense and thrillers to come and this book is going to be the hottest in the series. So read carefully if you can handle mature scenes. #Book 2 in The Mafia's Bride Series *Can be read as standalone 18+ detailed sexually explicit content, B D S M, Mafia Billionaire Romance #Dreame writing marathon- Lovestory contest : love & disobey


  • billionaire
  • sex
  • contract marriage
  • playboy
  • CEO
  • maffia
  • betrayal
  • enimies to lovers
  • virgin
  • passionate
  • Romance


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