The Omega Princess


The Omega Princess

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Please make sure you follow my story by pressing the ♡ button! Thank you for your support. Book One of The Omega Princess Series The Alpha and the Lycan King compete to claim the love of a lowly omega. One holds a soul of darkness, and the other will fight to defend and protect his mate. Her wolf calls to him, but she keeps running from the mate bond, convinced she isn't worthy of such a love. The only way she can break the bonds of slavery is to confront her past and reclaim that which is hers.... *** "Tell me what you want." "I want...." Her eyes lustfully gazed at me as she rotated her hips on my fingers. "Say it." My voice was husky, hoarse with need and wanting. "I want you to touch me." Hearing her voice her wants, I obliged, pushing two fingers deep inside her. Immediately, I regretted my decision as she winced in pain and bit down on my shoulder. Shocked, I pulled them out and looked at her. "Are you...." "Yes." She whispered quietly. "I am a virgin." **** *Part of Stary Writing III Academy. Girl Power- Chasing Her Apollo* NOTICE: This story is unedited. I'm a couple weeks away from birthing my second son, as such I've decided to focus on trying to finish the sequel. Some of you might not like the unedited version of my story, I respect that. I am not a professional author. I am an amateur which is why I'm on Dreame and not publishing through a major publishing company. I welcome people who kindly point out edits I can make quickly, I do not appreciate comments saying how awful my story is. If a comment is unlikely to be constructive, think twice about posting. I have feelings and hurtful comments don't make me a better writer, constructive criticism does. Thanks for your support and understanding. Once my son is born, I most likely won't have time to respond to each comment, but know it's appreciated.


  • fated
  • mate
  • powerful
  • inspirational
  • princess
  • omega
  • bxg
  • secrets
  • seductive
  • Romance


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