The Nerd Is My Mate


The Nerd Is My Mate

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His hands kept traveling to all parts of my body as I couldn't help but bite my lips from cravings. My skin burned under his scalding touch, his hands held me firm. I bit my lips again restraining myself from moving my hips, arching my back in need of his hands to touch me higher. There was a wicked smile that settled on the corner of his lips. He must have realized what he had done to me, I spread my legs giving him better mules to do whatever he wanted. His eyes darkened with pure desire, I couldn't stop the whimper and twitch of my hips as he went deeper inside me. I could barely restrain myself from grabbing his hand and making him f**k me more. I loved it as his face kept twisting in pleasure and agony, the way his gaze darkened with the hazy desire that my movement was causing to rise inside the both of us. Heat surged through me, to my legs and my belly. Even my cheeks were burning as I slipped a finger to pull the pillow to hold tight. I was getting there already and I didn't want to c*m just yet, my mind had started drifting at some point. I closed my eyes, tilting my head on each side as I let myself drift in the warm sea of pleasure. I gasped, biting my lips as the most intense shifting got faster, and I was ready to meet it with anticipation. His hand roamed my body, sliding up from my hips to my waist before cupping my aching breast. He kept thrusting as a cry of joy escaped my lips, I moaned with him as a gentle vibration sent a wave of pleasure through me. I was giving him a go-ahead to do whatever he wanted with me, he took one of my n*****s into his mouth making me melt under his arms as his tongue swished and circled the peak of my breast. His skin was getting hot. He brought my chin up and gazed at me with a smile on his lips, that smirk that I loved. He bent lower kissing me and thrusting in and out as my moan intensified in between kisses. Amber was a new student in high school but the first time she set her eyes on the boy in the library, she had an intractable force on him. He wasn't the school bad boy but a hottie and a bookworm. He was known as the school nerd who still wore big goggles that fit perfectly well. She didn't want to agree that she had a crush on him just yet, so she decided to give up on him but fate took a twist as she began to have a stronger feeling for him as she gets to her 18th birthday. What happens when she finds out that the boy who doesn't care about girls but books is mated to her?


  • revenge
  • dark
  • fated
  • beta
  • omega
  • luna
  • brilliant
  • werewolves
  • rejected
  • brothers
  • Romance


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