Fae's Promise: Queens of the Fae, Book 6


Fae's Promise: Queens of the Fae, Book 6

Length: 07hrs 58mins 28 episodesCompleted
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Griffin O’Shea is trapped. Again. His prison sentence was supposed to end when the magic keeping the dark fae captive in Myrkur finally fell. But when King Egan’s army clashed with the armies of Iskalt and Fargelsi on the battlefield, there was no winner and no clear path forward. Now the dark fae king is missing, vanished without a trace of the army at his back or the abducted child leading him to the prize he desires: the magic held in Aghadoon. With no way to locate the forever moving village, Griffin can only set his sights on a more attainable goal: saving Eldur from the coming invasion. The desert kingdom is Egan’s next target, and there is no magic strong enough to stop him. Until now. Joining forces with people who do not trust him may prove foolish. Allying himself with the ones he isn’t allowed to love brings unimaginable pain. Yet, with Riona and Gulliver by his side, Griffin can handle the unwanted magic that has returned to haunt him, the brother who hates him, and the questions with answers that could change everything. But none of that will matter if Egan isn’t stopped, because now, it isn’t only the fae realm in danger of succumbing to his darkness, but the human realm as well. As Griffin begins to lose hope that he can save his family and earn their trust again, he starts to wonder: Will he ever truly be free?


  • Fantasy
  • revenge
  • royalty/noble
  • magical world


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