The Beta's abused and Rejected Daughter


The Beta's abused and Rejected Daughter

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Lacey Matthew is the 8-year-old daughter of Beta Hunter Matthew of the Blood River Pack. Her world comes crumbling down when Her parents are killed by Rogues on their way home from a date night when their car was pushed off the road and over a cliff. Lacey was placed with the new Beta and his mate Luke and Shannon Anderson and their 9-year-old son Mason. For standing up for herself and her best friend Hannah against the Future 10-year-old Alpha Blake Nighthawk, the Andersons abused her. She spends the next 10 years being their housemaid and punching bag. When Lacey turns 18 she gets her wolf and shifts for the first time. After shifting and heading back to the packhouse with Hannah she smells a scent of pine and rain. MATE her wolf yells. Lacey follows the scent till she turns the corner and pumps into her mate. Oh, moon goddess no she cries for her mate is none other than her bully Alpha Blake. what will she do when she's rejected on the spot and later made to be his slave. when the Worlds biggest and ruthless pack Kindred Blood moon visits the Blood River pack to help with a rogue issue will Lacey find her second chance mate in The strongest Alpha Ryder Jackson or will she again be rejected and suffer the rest of her life as Alpha Blakes slave


  • Paranormal
  • second chance
  • maid
  • royalty/noble
  • tragedy
  • werewolves
  • royal
  • abuse
  • coming of age
  • rejected
  • cruel
  • punishment


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