Running For Her Life


Running For Her Life

Length: 09hrs 43mins 45 episodesCompleted
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Chloe Slater is a 17-year-old werewolf waiting to get her wolf. Her Parents, Alpha Corvan and Luna Coral Slater run the Opal Moon Pack, the Richest Pack in Canada. Chloe skips school one day and falls asleep in her Car only being woken with a weird feeling of a big whole missing from her soul. She drives home and finds that her family and entire pack have all been killed. Her Mother's Brother Alpha Victor Quinn of the Black Moon River Pack takes her home but is nothing but cruel to her. He makes her an Omega and puts her to work in the kitchen, Chloe is bullied by her Cousin Varek and his girlfriend Rachel non stop. After months of abuse Chloe was ordered to take a tray up to her uncle's office, when she reached the door it was open a crack she heard voices inside. She stands there and listens, she hears her Uncle, Aunt and Cousin admitting to killing her family and entire pack and how they need to get their hands on the money. She hears them state they need to kill her to get the money. So Chloe loads up her car with all her belongings and her father's files and runs for her life. She soon finds herself trespassing on another pack's territory with out realizing it and now has to convince them not to hurt her. Will her uncle find her and kill her? Will the Alpha of the pack she trespassed on kill her? Or will she find her mate on the run and find help in defeating her Uncle?


  • Paranormal
  • murder
  • revenge
  • killer
  • sex
  • tragedy
  • mystery
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • coming of age
  • stubborn


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