Born To Be Mine


Born To Be Mine

Length: 19hrs 32mins 63 episodesCompleted
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“Who are you? Don’t… don’t come near to me? Stay away!!” I screamed looking at the man who was standing in front of me. I was shaking badly because of fear. Just now I saw, which was unbelievable for me. How is this possible? “Calm down. I will not hurt you,” he said to me getting near to me. No… no… he is coming to me. I looked around and saw there was no one. I am trapped with this dangerous man. He was too much near to me. “No! Don’t come near to me” I shouted on him again and tried to crawl back. But I had no way to crawl back too. Suddenly he got angry with me hearing my shout. “I Said stop! Can’t you hear me? Don’t dare to disobey me or I will lose my control!!” he said and get more near to me. He was grabbing my jaw tightly in anger. I closed my eyes in fear. How can I obey him? I am with an unknown man in an unknown place. I am not wearing any clothes. How can I obey him easily? I opened my eyes. He is looking at me with love, possession and obsession. He is scaring me more and more. “I am sorry. But please let me go. Please” I said to him crying. He was looking at me with l**t and desire. “Never,” he said and kissed my tears. Hearing him, I got more scared. “Why?” I asked and more tears scrolled down on my cheeks. “Because you are born to be mine!”


  • possessive
  • fated
  • bxg
  • vampire
  • another world
  • supernatural
  • dragons
  • Romance


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