Boys, Beers and Bad Behavior


Boys, Beers and Bad Behavior

Length: 09hrs 13mins 46 episodesCompleted
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"Zachary Thomas was trouble, but trouble never looked so good." Seventeen-year-old Neveah Thomas has got a problem. She drinks to excess, blacks out and finds herself next to strangers in bed the next day. So, when her parents finally call it enough after Nevaeh staggers in drunk to a family wedding, she is sent off to a delinquent camp in Alaska. But despite the cold, wet climate, and Nevaeh’s seemingly never-ending passion for getting into trouble, delinquent camp is ruled by Zachary Thomas – master arsonist and d**g dealer. And when you throw together a school aimed to ensure delinquents are kept in line, what do you do? You rebel of course. The two delinquents may have the same surname, but when it comes to outdoing each other? Well, that’s a concoction of love only the fearless can desire.


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • dark
  • family
  • opposites attract
  • badgirl
  • female lead
  • coming of age
  • enimies to lovers


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