Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Three Rivers Ranch Romance, Book 12


Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Three Rivers Ranch Romance, Book 12

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A carpenter cowboy who hates the history of his town, the nurse who comes because of the history, and the runaway horse that brings them together in unexpected ways.... Navy Richards is 35 years of tired — tired of dating the same men, working a demanding job, and getting her heart broken over and over again. Her aunt has always spoken highly of the matchmaker in Three Rivers, Texas, and Navy knows the legends and magic of the town like the back of her hand. So she takes a six-month sabbatical from her high-stress job as a pediatric nurse, hops on a bus, and meets with the matchmaker. Then she meets Gavin Redd. He's handsome, he's hardworking, and he's a cowboy. But is he an Aquarius, too? Navy's not making a move until she knows for sure. Gavin hates everything about the legends of Three Rivers. The stupid bus station. The blondes who come to town believing in such ridiculous things. As if a silly myth and a simple visit with his 83-year-old grandmother are going to help a woman find a man. So maybe he's had his heart broken a time or two. Or five. Or maybe he's too focused on caring for his grandparents and securing a job at Three Rivers Ranch to date. When he saves Navy from a runaway horse, he's thrust into the town's spotlight for his 15 minutes of fame, exactly where he doesn't want to be. Can Gavin and Navy navigate the town myths, the public eye, and their differences to discover they could be a perfect match?


  • second chance
  • cowboy
  • small town
  • Romance


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