The First Lady of Three Rivers Ranch(Three Rivers Ranch Romance Book 8)


The First Lady of Three Rivers Ranch(Three Rivers Ranch Romance Book 8)

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A ranch owner, a baker, and the love that binds them... Heidi Duffin has been dreaming about opening her own bakery since she was thirteen years old. She scrimped and saved for years to afford baking and pastry school in San Francisco. And now she only has one year left before she's a certified pastry chef. She's home for the summer when she goes to Three Rivers with her sister--and meets Frank Ackerman. Frank's father has recently retired, and he's taken over the largest cattle ranch in the Texas Panhandle. A horseman through and through, he's also nearing thirty-one and looking for someone to bring love and joy to a homestead that's been dominated by men for a decade. Since the death of his mother, Frank doesn't feel like Three Rivers Ranch is a home. But when he convinces Heidi to come clean the cowboy cabins, she changes all that. With her culinary skills, she brings the cowboys together in ways Frank can only imagine. She builds what he's always wanted for the ranch--a family. But the siren's call of a bakery is still loud in Heidi's ears, even if she's also seeing a future with Frank. Can she rely on her faith in ways she's never had to before or will their relationship end when summer does?


  • goodgirl
  • cowboy
  • small town
  • Romance


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