Last Chance Cowboy (Last Chance Ranch Romance Book 2)


Last Chance Cowboy (Last Chance Ranch Romance Book 2)

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Adele feeds everyone at Last Chance Ranch - and she secretly makes food videos to pay her debts. When billionaire cowboy Carson shows up on the ranch, things really heat up in the kitchen... To get away from her ex-husband and start over, Adele Woodruff has followed her best friend to Last Chance Ranch, proving she'll do almost anything to earn a buck. After all, she doesn't need the debt collectors coming up into the hills to get their money. In her spare time, she makes foodie videos for TastySpot, a delectable pleasure that fulfills her desire to be a chef one day. But culinary school costs money, and Adele doesn't have much of that. When Carson Chatworth shows up at Last Chance Ranch, she doesn't have much patience for him either. He's always strutting around in his fancy jeans that look like they've never seen the inside of a barn, and Adele can spot a rich man when she sees one—and she's had enough of those, thank you very much. Carson is indeed rich. A billionaire even, after the sale of his generational land in Texas once oil was discovered on it. The sale helped get his daddy and deadbeat brother out of debt, but it meant Carson had to leave the ranch he loved. When Carson and Adele are partnered up for the goat yoga activities on the ranch, she'll have to set aside her presumptions about the handsome cowboy, and he'll have to try to find a way inside that cabin...and inside her heart. Can opposites Carson and Adele make a love connection? Or will their stubbornness—and her calling to be a chef—keep them apart?


  • opposites attract
  • second chance
  • cowboy
  • small town
  • Romance


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