Her Restless Cowboy (Steeple Ridge Romance Book 2)


Her Restless Cowboy (Steeple Ridge Romance Book 2)

Length: 05hrs 39mins 26 episodesCompleted
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SHE'S A WORKAHOLIC. HE'S RESTLESS WAITING FOR HER. Cowboy Ben Buttars is the youngest of the four Buttars brothers who come to Steeple Ridge Farm, and he finally feels like he’s landed somewhere he can make a life for himself. At only twenty-five, and having been cared for by his older brother when their parents died a decade ago, Ben’s never dated, never had a serious relationship, never really worried about anything. Reagan Cantwell is a decade older than Ben and the recreational direction for the town of Island Park, five miles from the farm where Ben works. When she visits him to discuss a partnership between the farm and the recreational department, she likes a lot more than just his horse. But she’s practically married to her job, works with two dozen other men, and doesn’t know how to carve out room in her life for Ben. Though Ben is young, he knows what he wants—and that’s Rae. Can she figure out how to put what matters most in her life—family and faith—above her job before she loses Ben?


  • possessive
  • age gap
  • cowboy
  • small town
  • Romance


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