The Love List: Hilton Head Island, Book 1


The Love List: Hilton Head Island, Book 1

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Beatrice Callahan loves lists. Sometimes she even makes a to-do list of things she's already done, just to go check, check, check and feel accomplished. So it's easy to understand why, when her divorce is finally final and her ex is all moved out, Bea takes a cool, close look at her life...and makes a list. It's not exactly a bucket list. It's a love list. Bea loves the outdoors, so she puts visit 10 National Parks on the list. She loves animals, and on goes get a puppy. She loves the beach, and she adds take a dream vacation to the list, and decides to do that one first. After all she's been through and all she's lost, she needs time to relax, rest, and reset. On the first day she arrives in Hilton Head Island, she meets Grant Turner, the man whose house she's renting for her fabulous beach vacation. He's just there to make sure she settles in properly and has enough towels. But when Bea asks for recommendations around the island, Grant quickly becomes her tour guide and then a friend and then...more than friends. Bea turns to her lists when things get confusing and her love list morphs once again.... Can she add fall in love at age 45 to the list and check it off?


  • second chance
  • bxg
  • small town
  • coming of age
  • Romance


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