The Heartwood Sea(Carter's Cove Beach Romance Book 1)


The Heartwood Sea(Carter's Cove Beach Romance Book 1)

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She's in her mid-30s and captains a fishing boat to provide the seafood her family-owned and operated inn needs. She's also the pastry chef for the on-site restaurant, lonely, and not happy when her ex-boyfriend comes into town looking to buy the land where the inn sits. Alissa Heartwood captains a fishing boat and is the pastry chef for her family-owned and operated empire on an island off the coast of South Carolina. With summer looming, she feels destined to be on the fishing boat before dawn and chained to the kitchen in order to get the pastries out for all the customers coming to the island. Shawn Newman is only going to be on his hometown island for a few weeks--just long enough to get the Heartwoods to sell their land. That's what he tells himself anyway. He should've known that the sight of Lissa would bring up memories from two decades ago when they used to date. Besides, the Heartwoods aren't interested in selling. Lissa is resistant to his reappearance in her life too. As Shawn rediscovers the beauty of the island where he grew up, Lissa thinks she might have jumped to too many conclusions about her ex. Can Shawn and Alissa make their second chance summer relationship into something long-lasting this time?


  • bxg
  • small town
  • Romance


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