A Cowboy and His Neighbor(Chestnut Ranch Romance, Book 1)


A Cowboy and His Neighbor(Chestnut Ranch Romance, Book 1)

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Best friends and neighbors shouldn't share a kiss... Jenna Wright grew up next door to Chestnut Ranch and the five Johnson brothers. Her older brother was best friends with Seth Johnson, and Jenna may or may not have had a crush on the handsome cowboy in her younger years. It was a long time ago, she tells herself. Now that she's divorced and back in town, she definitely has eyes for her best friend. Will he ever notice her? Jenna reasons that he's busy with his ranch and his dog rescue operation. They had an Edible Neighborhood project they were working on until funding became a problem, and when Seth learns he's inherited over two billion dollars from his mother's half of a family cosmetic empire, he rushes to tell Jenna they can now fund the Edible Neighborhood. He wasn't supposed to kiss her. It was an accident, he tells himself. But Seth's own feelings roar to the surface, and he can't ignore them. Where did those come from? Can best friends and next-door neighbors Seth and Jenna navigate their rocky pasts to find a future happily ever after together?


  • friends to lovers
  • bxg
  • small town
  • Romance


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