Harp and the Rose


Harp and the Rose

Length: 07hrs 38mins 38 episodesCompleted
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Queenstown, County Cork. 1920For twenty-year-old Harp Devereaux, life should be idyllic. At university, she feels for the first time in her life that she belongs, her mother Rose is running the Cliff House as a successful business, and her childhood sweetheart JohnJoe is by her side, but the storm clouds of war grow ever darker.For eight hundred years Ireland has made numerous bids for her freedom but now, at last, liberation from British rule is tantalizingly close, if the men and women of the revolution can just hold on.Harp, her family, and her friends find themselves in the thick of the fight, but the Crown Forces are not the only enemy. A sinister force from the past is lurking and will stop at nothing to exact his revenge.


  • revenge
  • family
  • brave
  • war
  • Romance


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