Caught by Her Billionaire Ex-Lover


Caught by Her Billionaire Ex-Lover

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"How many men?" "What?" "How many men have you slept with?" Lydia's eyes widened in surprise as she looked at Vince. Vince, who had so gently held her to sleep last night, had become terrifying now. "Besides Richard, who else have you slept with?" A sad sourness rushed up from her heart to her eyes. Lydia knew Vince had believed the rumors. Vince cupped Lydia's chin, his eyes glowing red. "How much did they pay your father when you slept with them? I gave your father $100 million. You tell me, how many orgasms can I buy you?" Lydia gasped with sadness. She wanted to get out of here, she wanted to leave the sadness of being humiliated by her lover. "If you can sleep with someone else, why can't you sleep with me? Don't pretend to be a virgin. " ------------ The year she graduated, Lydia's life was completely shattered. She had planned to escape her hellish home and live with her boyfriend, but her tyrannical father appeared out of nowhere and forcibly brought her home, dressing her in sexy clothes and making her trade her beauty for a noble last name. Lydia fights back, but what awaits her is a slap and a dark room with no light. She cries, curses, pleads and even goes on a hunger strike, but nothing changes her parents' minds. Finally, she was desperate and she surrendered. She accepted her parents' arrangement to dress in sexy clothes and attend various social occasions to attract rich people to invest in her family. One day, she is once again forced to attend a party where a rich man chooses his wife, and just as she is about to leave quietly, a man presses her against the wall in a dimly lit hallway.


  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • second chance
  • arranged marriage
  • CEO
  • twisted
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • city
  • seductive
  • Romance


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